SAGA’s Music Fest: an encounter with cello

Release time:2019-11-06

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Published Date:2019–11-1

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Collision between SAGA and art

In the golden autumn, the internationally reputed cellist Wang Jian worked with SAGA to present an international music fest, i.e. the 1stInternational Cello Performance Festival (Wang Jian) in Futian, Shenzhen. This cross-over reflects the brand value of SAGA and its full support to art and culture.

1stInternational Cello Performance Festival (Wang Jian), Futian, Shenzhen

Led by the well-known cellist, Wang Jian, the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, top international cellists and pianists, as well as outstanding students from the master class dedicated 4 themed cello performances and 5 sessions of master class at the 1stInternational Cello Performance Festival (Wang Jian), Futian, Shenzhen, injecting vigor into the cello-playing cause.

Wonderful festival moment

Wang Jian x SAGA

Wang Jian, the art director of this event, is known as a Chinese cellist with the strongest classic and humanistic charisma and was once rated as the Outstanding Young Music Artist by American Music. This crossover between Mr. Wang Jian and SAGA provides a new perspective of innovation for the development of the art and culture.

Figure: Master Wang Jian plays at the festival

Wang Jian and SAGA launches the Wang Jian Cello Art Scholarship

The Wang Jian Cello Art Scholarship is sponsored by SAGA. At the closing ceremony of the festival, Master Wang Jian and Mr. Liu Ren, CEO of SAGA, granted scholarships and certificates to the Chinese young cellists Wu Wanxuan and Zhai Zimo. Award winners were also presented with fine wristwatches of the Saga Stella series and the SAGA Space series as gifts.

Figure: Master Wang Jian and Mr. Liu Ren grant awards to Wu Wanxuan and Zhai Zimo

Figure: Mr. Liu Ren delivers a speech

Figure: Mr. Liu Ren takes photo with Wu Wanxuan and Zhai Zimo and offers them the SAGA Stella wristwatch and the SAGA Space wristwatch.

By working with the cellist Wang Jian, SAGA provides full support to the public education cause, inspiring every cello enthusiast to pursue their dreams, to lead the development of the cello art today and tomorrow with individual impact, as well as to achieve something significant in this sector. SAGA contributes to the booming of the cello art in China by sponsoring young talents for their professional growth.

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